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Willows Video Clips

New Spunky 5String Bass

Spunky 5strings New Versatile Bass

Sunset Standard Relic

Sunset Standard Relic("End of the road" / 김병호 "BLUE MAX" Band )

Sunset Standard Relic

Sunset Standard "Relic" True Vintage, Woody and Throaty ambience !

Sunset Standard Relic

Kim, Mok-Kyung Band Live at 천년동안도

Jimi Hendrix - Who Knows (cover)

Sunset Standard User Self-Making Clip

Guthrie Govan - Fives (cover)

Sunset Modern User Self-Making Clip

Believe in Me

Sunset Modern User Self-Making Clip

Nobody Move

Sunset Modern User Self-Making Clip

Guthrie Govan - Remember When (cover)

Sunset Standard User Self-Making Clip

"Sunset Custom Pickup Making"

Custom pickup of Willows guitar, making by Kloppmann Electrics.

"Sunset Blues"

"Sunset Blues"

Guitar : Ju, Seung-Hun (

Bass : Ahn, Sung-Jin (Haze Blue Hall)

Drum : Won, Ik-Jun

Recording/Mixing/Mastering : Kim PD, Kim, Heung-Sung (Studio Flow)

Shooting/Editing : Roy

Photo : Macau Choi

"Sunset Standard" making

The Newest vintage strat "Sunset Standard" Making Clip by Willows custom guitar.

"Willows Factory Sketch"

Willows Atelier Sketch